“Summer is not affiliated with any K9 Assisted Service. We encourage you to please do your own research when choosing a service to see if your core values align. Knowledge is power, the key ingredient in making a clear and informed decision”.

Summer is a recognised and valuable contributor within the Animal Assisted Learning and Therapy Service Platforms. Summer is the creator of Animal Assisted Learning Program ‘Chickens to Love’.


  • What is a Negative thought blocker journal ?
    How does it work for my family? Over the years I have mentioned a strategy I call a thought blocker or stopper journal. The idea is to change your negative thought patterns, in a sense blocking them or changing a way of thinking. Here is an example; I find travelling difficult sometimes, my thoughts inContinue reading “What is a Negative thought blocker journal ?”
    Autism and Grief (TW) I am sharing this vulnerable moment in hope to create understanding and insight. Many autistics are empaths (not all autistics are ) this means I feel my own emotions and additional emotions from others around me. I am in tune with emotions of others around me. It is like I soakContinue reading “MY DA WENT TO HEAVEN”
    Not every autistic will have a connection with animals. Not every autistic will be interested in chickens. Animals will not help all autistics over come anxiety, develop a more in-depth social understanding nor will all autistics connect with an animal that will help them connect with the community or connect with others. BUT they may