Summer has presented in the following style but not limited to :

Topic Specific, Conferences, Panel discussion, Interactive Talks, Personal accounts and lived experience

Recent presentation topics are listed below:

Chickens and Humans, Communication and Connection (Animal Assisted Service Sector)

Neurodiversity, Chicken Whispering and Superhero’s of Change (Animal Assisted Service Sector)

Chickens and Humans are we Really that Different (Animal Assisted Service Sector)

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Yellow Ladybugs Autistic Girls and Women – ADHD and Autistic Minds Conference 2022

The ADHD and Autistic Minds three day conference will feature autistic girls & women, gender diverse individuals and allies. Presenters will share stories, insights and information regarding how to best support neurodivergent students.

Topics will cover understanding the brain, executive functioning and how best to support a positive self-image for neurodivergent young people.

This conference is sponsored by the Department of Education and Training Victoria.

Day 1 & 2 will feature panels and be available online. Day 3 will be an in person event, featuring individual presentations, and will be in Melbourne. Don’t worry, it will also be live streamed for those who cannot attend in person.

Australian Inclusive School Conference

The Illume Learning Australian Inclusive Schooling Conference is an unmissable opportunity for those with an interest in and passion for inclusive education. The conference will showcase current research, innovative approaches and strategies to include and engage students with disabilities. ​

The event will bring together Australian and international leaders in the field of inclusive education to share informative and engaging presentations on the philosophy, research and practice of inclusive education.

The 2022 Australian Inclusive Schooling Conference aims to provide an exciting, interactive, and inspiring experience for our attendees. The virtual format provides peace of mind by ensuring no interruptions from restrictions to travel or events. It also presents a more cost-effective option for teams wishing to attend together and will provide access to attendees across all parts of Australia.

In its third year, the Australian Inclusive Schooling Conference has proven to be the standout professional development opportunity for those looking to deepen their understanding of inclusive education, be challenged to think bigger about the potential of students with disabilities, and be inspired to work towards even greater outcomes for all.

Session Overview

  • To understand challenges autistic students, face within the learning environment. 
  • To develop an understanding from the perspective of an autistic student 
  • Identify strategies that benefit the class as a whole 
  • Understanding different processing systems
  • Develop the ability to recognise the difference between a meltdown vs tantrum 
  • To identify and understand autistic emotions and anxiety 
  • To explore the idea of ‘Connecting Students with Common Interests

The Animal-Assisted Services Sector Virtual Conference 2021

Animal Therapies Ltd (ATL) is the leading Australian institution for promoting the prevention and management of mental illness, disability, disease and suffering through animal-assisted services. This includes people at risk of, or who are, suffering mental illness, eye disease, hearing impairment, seizures, asthma, life threatening allergies, diabetes, fluctuating blood pressure, cerebral palsy, autism, post-traumatic stress, episodic or serious medical crises, disability, acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injury and other physical, neurological or psychological conditions.

The animal-assisted services sector is made up of a range of different professionals who have animals working alongside them as a key part of their service delivery. The type of service being delivered depends on the qualification of the person delivering it:

  • Allied Health professionals deliver Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT)
  • Educators, Coaches, Learning and Development professionals deliver Animal-Assisted Learning (AAL)
  • Professional Animal Handler Teams who have been assessed as suitable for visits to workplaces, hospitals, aged care homes, places of study and other institutions deliver Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA)
  • Professional Assistance Animal Trainers who satisfy certain standards required to train animals to help people with a disability better access public life deliver assistance animal training and or placement. (AA)

The conference will offer sessions across various streams running from 1 – 28 February 2021. Presentations will be facilitated on Assistance Animals, Animal-Assisted Therapy, Animal-Assisted Learning, Animal-Assisted Activities, Species Specific Topics, Disability Specific Needs, Funding, Research, Ethics and Standards, Business Topics including risk and insurance.

Online Nourished Conference – January 25th – February 25th, 2021

Featuring a never-before-seen line-up of international presenters, including leaders in Equine, Animal and Nature Assisted/ Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning, our ground-breaking conference will nurture your mind, nourish your soul and enrich your work as well as your life.

This conference is presented via a spacious, online platform where attendees can access pre-recorded sessions with International Education Experts at any time throughout the week, in a way that fits in with your unique needs and interests.

Reframing Autism presents … Summer Farrelly on Passions and Pastimes

Reframing Autism presents … Summer Farrelly, Autistic Advocate, Artist, Creator of “Chickens to Love Animal Assisted Learning Program”, Animal Therapies Ltd Ambassador, on Passions and Pastimes.

The ICAN NETWORK The Power Of Autistic Passions

#AwetismExpo on 20th November 2020 (free, online & open to the public worldwide) celebrates the passions, talents and insights of Autistic students across Australia.

THE POWER OF AUTISTIC PASSIONS Our #AwetismExpo on 20th November (free, online & open to the public worldwide) celebrates the passions, talents and insights of Autistic students across Australia. We are very excited to offer a sneak preview of one of the student presentations, featuring 13-year-old “Chicken Whisperer”, artist & activist Summer Farrelly (Summer Farrelly and Other Projects) who created the world’s first animal-assisted learning program based on chicken behaviour. Summer’s passion for chickens not only brings her immense joy and comfort, it allows her to support and encourage other Autistic and neurodivergent people. Enjoy this 2+ minutes of sheer AWESOMENESS

REFRAMING DISABILTY – Learning from Each Other by Summer Farrelly

October 28, 2021 Family Conference

What do young people with disability say about their parents? Summer Farrelly shares her experience of connecting with her family through common interests. And how her and her mother reverse mentor and support each other.

Summer is a passionate Autistic advocate within the Animal Assisted services sector. For the last 5 years, she has shared her connection with animals and how they give her strength to navigate life as an Autistic teen. 14-years-old, Summer is an Ambassador for Animals Therapies Ltd and The A-List. She also developed Animal Assisted Learning (Chicken) for Autistic people. Through her business, Autistic Perspectives, her purpose is working towards building a sustainable future within the animal-assisted services and Autistic advocacy sectors.

Summer hopes her stories of life’s challenges faced by young Autistic teens will educate and inspire others. Her journey is also about connecting and forming a strong bond with her Autistic mother and brothers.

Summer was a presenter at our Family Conference, hosted in partnership with Plumtree and Now & Next. The Conference brings together families of children with disabilities and their allies. The presentations aim to inspire, educate and empower families in building a good life. The conference also celebrates people with a disability who are making a difference in their community.


Summer Farrelly joins this episode of Autism Stories to talk about how people can do a better job of supporting younger autistic voices, what humans can learn from animals, and so much more.