What is a Negative thought blocker journal ?

How does it work for my family?

Over the years I have mentioned a strategy I call a thought blocker or stopper journal.

The idea is to change your negative thought patterns, in a sense blocking them or changing a way of thinking. Here is an example;

I find travelling difficult sometimes, my thoughts in my head become overrun with ideals related to the worse case scenarios.

I worry we might crash , we might get a flat tyre or we may become stranded on the roadside with no phone reception.

I started to write happy thoughts in a journal.

This journal I would carry everywhere with me.

Every time I had a happy moment I would write about it, take photos or draw something that had meaning for me.I would list my strengths and what I do well

Every time I started to get negative thoughts or feelings I would look in my journal to remind me of all the positive things in my life.

When kids at school bullied me , my journal reminded me how amazing and special I am .My family also contributed by adding amazing moments that happened when we were all together .Over time , I didn’t need to use my journal to remind me about how amazing my life is because I have all those memories stored up in my head.

Those memories replace the negative thoughts

.I started my happy thoughts journal when I was very young this maybe the reason I can always find the silver lining in nearly every scenario. TIP; you can also get friends, teachers and other supports to write in your journal to remind you how important you are to them or how much they admire the authentic you


*This is from my own autistic perspective not a representative of all autistic* experiences


Autism and Grief (TW)

I am sharing this vulnerable moment in hope to create understanding and insight.

Many autistics are empaths (not all autistics are ) this means I feel my own emotions and additional emotions from others around me.

I am in tune with emotions of others around me. It is like I soak the emotional vibes that are circulating around me like a sponge. I feel sadness and hopelessness intensely.

Being autistic I feel emotions very intensely, always. My emotions are always heightened.

At times I find it challenging to self regulate my intense emotions.

Self regulating and trying to understand and make sense of intense emotions is draining.

My Da went to heaven under tragic circumstances. It’s a sad moment in time that has changed lives forever. I am still seeking closure, that will come in time.

It’s been very difficult processing these emotions, it’s also been very difficult navigating the emotions of others around me.

Each day isn’t easier it just becomes different.

Things I have felt helpful while grieving.

Having a good listening ear is helpful – this means just to have someone to listen , not offer advice, not asking how you are feeling , just someone who listens while you talk and process the thoughts in your head.

Reminder to eat – when I am struggling emotionally, I forget to eat and drink , if not reminded I can go for days without food and water.

Reminisce about the fun times , share stories as a family.

Everyone grieves differently and at different rates, there is no right or wrong way .Emotions can be explosive and irrational , kindness and understanding is needed. If you are concerned about your autistic loved one, please seek professional help immediately.


*** I do not represent every autistic individual as we all experience life in different ways ***


Not every autistic will have a connection with animals.

Not every autistic will be interested in chickens.

Animals will not help all autistics over come anxiety, develop a more in-depth social understanding nor will all autistics connect with an animal that will help them connect with the community or connect with others.

BUT they may have a connection with others through other interests or common interest.

I often get asked by parents ;’My child is scared of chickens, but I want to get them pet chickens because I see how well they worked for you ‘My response is this ;’I have a fear of large grasshoppers, I mean run and hide fear ‘I would not appreciate Mum going out and getting me a terrarium of grasshoppers, because she saw how grasshoppers helped another child on facebook

We are all different, we all have different connections.



Welcome to my page My name is Summer Farrelly I am 14-year-old. I am autistic.

I am Dyslexic and have an ADHD diagnosis In case you are wondering yes !!!! all these words are mine It’s all me , all my own content

I am home schooled.

I am a daughter of an autistic mother and a sister two autistic brothers. My family dynamics gives me the unique perspective from a range of diverse angles.

Content about my family is always posted with permission from the family members its about consent is important

I am an Inclusion Advocate & Educator , Public speaker and Artist

I am an Animal Assisted Learning Program creator and facilitator.

I also have the role of being Animal Therapies Ltd Youth Ambassador and A List Ambassador

I also have my own registered business ‘Autistic Perspectives’ ,my business provides a range of services. I offer workshops educating from an autistic student perspective.

I also offer workshops within the Animal assisted learning service sector

.For the last 5 years I have been sharing my personal insight and the benefits of human and animal connection. Often stepping out of my comfort zone sharing vulnerable, raw, and real moments of life, challenges faced by young autistic teens in hope to educate and inspire others.

I have become recognised and valued contributor within the Animal Assisted Learning/Therapy platforms My connection with animals has given me strength needed to navigate life as an autistic teen who faces daily challenges of self-harm, anxiety, depression & PTSD

My journey is about understanding myself emotionally through the connection of animals, more importantly this journey is about learning self-care. I welcome respectful comments and sharing of other autistics perspectives, solutions and strategies on my posts as these comments may help others in some way.

I do not like conflicts on my page , please be amazing adult role models for young people like myself and choose kindness and understanding.

Most importantly due to my age I do not access the internet on my own. I always have an adult with me. I take cyber saftey very seriously.

And NO , I do not chat on messenger The most effective way to contact me is via email hello@summerfarrelly.com.au Please understand depending on my own and my Mum’s executive functioning skills , will depend on the time taken to respond, as you can imagine I do receive many emails and requests .

Finally please remember my posts are from my own personal perspective.

I do not represent all autistics , as all autistics experience life differently.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Summer

I wrote the world’s first Animal ( Chickens ) Assisted Learning Program for Autistic and Neurodivergent people when I was 10 years old

I have had adults laugh, belittle me and my program concept. Because they don’t understand what inclusion is.

They don’t understand how quality of life could be improved if we can create an understanding of ourselves and of those around us at an earlier age.

Chickens to Love Is an animal-assisted learning program that has been created to help give insight and develop an understanding from an autistic perspective.

Create a stronger understanding of social dynamics, better understanding of their own emotions and emotions of others, understanding a multilayer of perspectives, identifying consent of touch, build resilience, self-acceptance, empowerment and to embrace one’s true authentic self.

My goal is one day to have my program within the Education system. Written by a student that the system failed


I’ve created two workshops one for teaching staff and one for students.

My presenting style is a little bit different, but I guess most people who have followed my journey for a while would have guessed that .

I am sharing my autistic perspective as a student who struggled within the education system for a range of reasons.

Drawing on a negative experience to create a positive outcome for others.

My workshops are interactive , thought provoking and packed full of valuable information.

I am currently making props that incorporate a range learning styles within my workshops. 

I deliver my first block of workshops in a fortnights time at a school a few hours away from where I live.

I’m pumped , find out more on my webpage Autistic Perspectives 



I’m delivering two workshops in about 8 days

One 60 minute Workshop called ” Perspective of an Autistic Student ” (for teaching staff)It’s about sharing challenges I faced as an autistic student within the education system.

My workshop is about creating an understanding and providing solutions.

And One 45 minute workshop called ” To be your Authentic Self ” ( for school students).I’m delivering this one twice in one day, Ooooo La Laaaa.

This workshop is about understanding our autistic selves and how to advocate for our support needs.

My workshops about providing information and strategies that can be used by anyone.

I’ve presented to a range of people to get feedback.

The word is that it’s brilliant I can only hope that more schools reach out and ask me to present hello@autisticperspectives

I am academic and a role model student.

You have to wonder, what triggered a home school journey


I guess some of you are wondering why I have 12 spoons in my workshop?

If your not familiar with the spoon theory here is a link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spoon_theory

I learnt about Spoon theory when I was 10 years old. This is one of my slide topics.” Autistic Perspectives of a Student” is unique because I literally take teaching staff into the mind of an autistic student. Using many of my lived experiences within the education system as teaching tool.

Many of these experiences are difficult to relive.

Many of these experiences contributing to my recent PTSD diagnosis. I believe sharing these experiences in a positive way is vital to create change.

I want to help pave the way for more positive learning experiences in the education system for future autistics.


Spending time with my chickens was a space where I could self regulate my emotions.

A space where I could process my thoughts and put things that have happened in my day into context. Processing my thoughts didn’t automatically mean negative things have happened.

Its all types of thoughts, I replay things in my head like a mini movie clip. When I have negative thoughts sitting with my chickens helped me replace those negative thoughts and feelings with positive thoughts and feelings.

Because I am in a space that I feel safe and valued.

Being surrounded by my chickens reminds me how important I am.

Everyone has felt anxiety at some point in their lives, the difference is some people feel it so intense that it consumes every though they have.

Often clouding their ability to function and enjoy the world that most people take for granted. Choose to be kind human , choose to be an understanding human with a caring heart.